This is a social experiment to encourage humanity to feel the gift of giving. Sharing this shirt creates a ripple of loving energy in the world. By receiving this shirt you are committing to participate. When asked “Can I have your shirt?” Give it away. You win when you give.

To show the world of instagram your participation in the commonality game when you receive a shirt use the hashtag #COMMONALiTYGAME and tag @DAViAKiNG she will re-share people passing the shirt and sharing love.

The Commonality game was started on March 10, 2019 as a counter statement to greed. One year earlier on March 10, 2018 Davia was t-boned by a drunk driver who ran a red light and woke up in the hospital 4 hours later. She sustained a number of injuries: broken vertebrae, ribs, lacerated liver, concussion and multiple herniations to her spine. While it was one of the most painful experiences of her life to have to heal from this place, she also considers it the most profound spiritual experience of her life. For a month afterwards she was filled with an emotion she defines as bliss, and an inner knowing she got a ‘level up”.

For the next year she was on a path of healing, physical therapy, and had to see a number of doctors. Through this process she learned of the corruption within the medical system, obsession with money rather than healing and being confronted by liens, lawsuits, lawyers, big pharma, doctors dropping her if she didn’t fill the prescriptions, insurance difficulty ect. She became aware how the system is not set up to help people heal but to profit off of them in their most vulnerable time.

This frustration lead to her creating the commonality game. Which began one year later on her anniversary of her level up (car accident) to challenge the paradigm of greed. Through her experience she learned how impermanent life is and how nothing we own goes with us when we die, thus to experience life rather than waste it on things that have no meaning like the accumulation of products or saving for another day (hoarding). At any moment this life could be over thus not to postpone living for tomorrow for that is not guaranteed but to make sure to live while we are alive.

The game is a metaphor for life. How you play the game is how you play in life. Do you hoard the shirt? Don’t want to share it? Won’t wear it outside? What else are you withholding in your life? The shirt is a symbol for your love and talents. Both are meant to be shared in order to be felt. We feel good in the act of sharing them.

To support the game and receive a shirt you can either buy in here or spot someone wearing the shirt and ask them for theirs. For every shirt bought Davia gives another one away.

To learn more about the game visit the FAQ or Rules of the Game.